Where it began....Maggie

Where it began....Maggie

Can Fiona have a bad painting day? Nahhh. Beautifully done. Love the yellows and blues. Beautiful story too. + 1 like.

Lovely painting and the story which was the inspiration for your artwork. I can never understand anyone being cruel to animals or birds. You are a very kind person Fiona x

Fiona what a lovely story and a lovely painting..... brave old you ( sorry expression of speech). A lady after my own heart. I had a Harvey, a fledgling Sparrow , he had been found by some guy who had taken it to the Vets , of course by now it's family had given up so he came home with me . He slept next to my bed and I rolled baby bird food into worms and fed them to him hourly . Plus a dropper for water. When he could fly he lived in a hanging plant. One day he flew and began to live in the trees in the garden . He always flew down onto the head of any one of us in the garden. Eventually he must have found himself a lady bird . So a bit like you a rescuer.

Lovely painting Fiona, I especially like the yellows and blues in the background. Inspiring story too - young boys can be so cruel to animals (I've come across similar in the past) - glad you caught them at it, even though only one little bird was saved.

Your a darling Fiona I'm an instructor and I have picked up and taken many birds to my favourite place, Wythall animal sanctuary its all charity I give them money every time , I've taken herring gulls pheasants wood pigeons little owl blackbirds and loads of ferrel pigeons , I can't leave them and Canada geese and all sorts . I always love your paintings and this one too.

Take a gold star Fiona. Well deserved....

Such a lovely painting and such a lovely story too! It's so nice to hear what inspired you. We used to live in a house surrounded by trees full of Magpies, they made a tremendous racket early every morning, now it's Herring Gulls!

Would look good in my kitchen

A lovely story, Fiona and a lovely painting.

Yes she can Henry, it's just that you don't see the results of a bad day...lol Thank you. So are you Glennis for saying so, I know you share the same respect and love of birds and animals because it comes through in your wonderful paintings. You're an angel Sylvia, I could tell you so many funny stories of what Maggie got up to. My nearest neighbour was a field away and I heard a commotion coming from that direction and I spotted Maggie coming out of the house. I discovered that she had gone into the kitchen and she was found sat atop their Sunday roast chicken and enjoying it....thank you very much! She would drive their cats insane too. Thank you x

Fiona you just keep coming up with such brilliant paintings and such moving stories with them. I'm intrigued that you painted this with a feather?

Thank you Jenny, I can't stand by and do nothing even from a young age. When I was about eight, I marched across a road to tell an elderly gentleman to stop hitting his dog with his walking stick! Thank you Dennis, we are kindred souls. I will administer a coup de gras if it's necessary but if I think it has a chance, I'll do all I can. Thanks Jim! Christine I think I would prefer to wake up to the sound of magpies instead of gulls...thank you for your comment. Pete, thanks very much and if you are serious you can have it......it's a bit rough and ready though. Many thanks Ellen, appreciate your comment.

What an amazing story Fiona How lovely that you had visits like that. I'm an old softie but it brought a tear to my eye. Love your pain too. The design, colour , composition all harmonises beautifully

A wonderful painting, Fiona - full of life, vitality, hope and adventure! I'm intrigued with your feather brushwork - so beautifully done. I love your backstory but I guess as with all creatures, great and small, there comes that day when we relinquish them to their own lives. Well done!

What a lovely story behind this painting Fiona. I really can't understand how anyone can be cruel to any animal or bird. We have had dogs and cats turn up at our door, we live in the country and we think the animals have been dumped and then find their way to our house. I think there is an invisible sign outside saying 'all animals welcome here'!!! We've now had two cats and three dogs who were in a terrible state. The last dog was three years ago and we think he is now about 14 years old, likes to sleep a lot now. Well done for all your good work.

I thought about painting it with a feather quite by accident Carol, I wanted to get the shape of the wing feather in flight somewhere near right so I thought of using one of my hens feathers...one she had finished with I might add. I have a collection of bird feathers, you would be surprised what they come in handy for. My mother would use a feather to brush egg onto pastry before putting it in the oven. Anyway, I did the whole thing with the feather, apart from the background, (a piece of kitchen roll) the beak and eye That's why it looks rough....lol Thank you for your comment appreciate it very much.

Maggie looks gorgeous Fiona I think you were St Frances in a past life. Really lovely painting with a feather? You clever girl!

Sorry to upset you Diana.....when she was a baby I kept her on the hearth of the cooking range in the kitchen in cardboard box, she progressed to one of the stables when she started getting in to everything. Eventually she would come and go as she pleased but she liked to come to me for a cuddle and she would nibble my ear...lol Thank you. Many thanks Wib, hope and adventure is exactly the reason I wanted to paint Maggie flying through the trees! I love your story of your open house for strays Margaret....good for you and thank you for your lovely comment.

A lovely painting and a wonderful story Fiona and well done you for caring so much.

Lovely story Fiona and to be commended. A very good rendition in an unmistakable style

The whole thing beautiful... I've got tears in my ears....

You must have such an affinity with birds Fiona. A lovely story to go with a special painting.

Gorgeous painting with a lovely story Fiona x

Carole, David and Derek...thank you very much.

Thank you Gudrun that's very kind. x "Tears in your ears"? That's a neat trick if you can do it Alan...lol Thank you. Do you think so Val....I'm not even going to mention the foxes, hedgehogs, ferrets etc, etc......lol Thanks very much. Thank you very much Satu!

A knight hood for you Fiona and a gem

Ha ha .....thank you Dennis!

Thank you Jenny, appreciate you kind comment.

Fiona, this is really beautiful and I am touched by the lovely story that goes with it...your paintings certainly show your love of nature.

Birds especially are a weakness Chandra....thanks very much.

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Mixed media painted with a feather, except the beak and eye. Maggie was my very first orphan, I was 17 and I came across a couple of lads that thought it was fun to kill a nest of Magpies. Maggie was just about to have a stone dropped on to her, which is how the rest of her siblings met their end. After giving the lads a thick ear, I put het in my pocket and took her home, she was probably about 4/5 days old. We had a fabulous time together and she stayed with me for about 18 months before answering the call of the wild, even though she was able to do so any time she lived outside. For another year she would visit me from time to time....and that was it, hooked on doing my best for any orphans that have come my way.

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