Glenturk Moor


This is lovely - real atmosphere created

Great painting, and a beautiful view from your window Fiona.

Love the trees Fiona, looks so wintry.

I always admire the view from your window!! Great painting.

You have great views from your house, Fiona! (but I guess the trade-off is that you need a car to get anywhere - we live on the edge of the Surrey Hills although I can still walk to the local town, which is handy). I especially like the foreground in this.

Love it Fiona, fresh and exciting, those trees really are rather good!

Fiona beautifully loose watercolour, the sky, the foreground, the trees wonderful. I am rather envious of the view from your kitchen window 😊

Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments, they are always appreciated.

A bleak winter scene but very well captured.

It’s nice when you scroll down the gallery and instantly recognise the artist before you see the name; you Fiona have your own unique style which I like and this is no exception. I like the restrained palette and those dark bare trees. Good one.

Lovely Fiona. Full of energy.

another lovely watercolour work Fiona

Great view so well captured Fiona. Your house must be quite remote? Those subtle colours are lovely, very understated, very impressive.

Caught the eye - one to like and after my own heart. Helped cool me down - continuous sun over here and drought conditions apply. We are brown.

You’re on a roll, Fiona! This is another beautiful painting, so clean and fresh with lovely light washes. The trees / hedgerow are so well done, they have character and charm.

Beautiful work as usual Fiona.

Thank you Stephen. Michael you are very kind and generous with your comment, thank you. Many thanks Brian and Petra. Thanks Tessa! Not remote really, surrounded by open farmland with hills and scrubby hedges with these kind of ivy covered ash trees. I have one neighbour about a field away and quite near a B road. Sorry to hear about your drought Mike, I complain sometimes about the Galloway weather but I would rather be damp than burnt to a crisp I have to admit. Thank you for your comment. Thanks very much Heather. Ann you say the most encouraging things about my paintings, thank you, much appreciated. Thank you Barry, I’m trying for your standards!

Thank you Maureen.

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16”x14” watercolour and Indian ink on Waterford. A familiar local scene that I have painted more than a few times.....mainly from the kitchen window, especially this time of year as this one was. I thought after the last storm that went through some of these old trees would be casualties but I think they are all as they were.

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Fiona Phipps

Galloway, Scotland.

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