Horeses Hoof Fungus....Forum Challenge.


Wow Fiona, what a beauty! All those wonderful markings. Thanks for the information very interesting. I did read somewhere that certain mosses only grow in clean air.

What a fab drawing Fiona. You looked hard at the subject and it must have taken you quite some time!

Well the Iceland man must ave brushed past this tree then. You can do it when you want too. Beautiful piece Fiona.

Beautifully drawn Fiona - and interesting info. to go with it. There are lots of birch trees on the heath where I walk my dog, and I sometimes see these.

Oh Carole, a wow....thank you very much! Coming from yourself a huge compliment. I did look hard Louise, cross eyed hard. Did I tell you, it took me THREE HOURS....lol. It doesn’t take me that long to paint the sitting room. Thank you x John thank you very much. Apparently they found four strips of this in his bag or pocket, or whatever they kept their ‘stuff’ in 5,000 years ago. I’ll try and find his name. Jenny thanks very much. They do come in different colours other than grey but still not very exciting. They range from black/brown/grey and a sort of blueish colour.

John I was wrong, it wasn’t Iceland it was an Iceman that was found in the Otzal Alps Italy. Quote.... This was affirmed in 1991 when the 5,000 year old remains of Ötzi the Iceman were discovered on the Ötzal Alps. Ötzi had several amadou in his possession prior to his death, which it has been concluded he intended to use as tinder.

Lovely and an interesting drawing Fiona,

Had look twice to see if this was one of yours Fiona ! Informative and very well executed.

Wonderful work, fabulous textures and Mark's.

Thank you very much Dennis, Lesley, Richard (Lol) and Jennifer, much appreciated.

That’s lovely - you’ve definitely completed the challenge - I love the detail that trees and roots etc offer

The power of pencil illustrated perfectly here Fiona, fantastic drawing!

Beautiful sketch and lovely detail and very powerfully presented Fiona.

Rachel, Russell, Carole many thanks for your very kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” 2b, 4b, 6b pencils on cartridge paper. Apart from a few clumps of Moss, the overall colour of the birch tree and the fungus are the same......grey. This fungus is mainly found on birch trees and a few beech trees, it has been used by man for a few thousand years, mainly as a tinder for lighting fires. It’s also been used, depending on the continent, for medicinal uses and to make clothing. Apparently the Iceland man of 5,000 years old had a few strips of this on his person when found.

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