Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Nice one, Fiona, I like the fact that this one has a bit of a focal point, although the path / fence seem to end in a snow drift?

Posted by Ann Cook on Tue 31 Dec 15:18:08

Another great painting, Fiona. So much good about it - super palette, great perspective. brilliant sky, simple and very effective loose style. I could go on! Congratulations and very best wishes for 2014! .

Beautiful painting Fiona, that is exactly how a winter scene should be not the grey skies and never ending rain we've had chucked at us this year! Look forward to more (paintings that is!) in 2014.

Another good one Fiona, hope to see many more.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 31 Dec 16:23:38

Thanks Ann, you can always be counted on for constructive criticism! Lol! You are right about the fence, Julian pointed it out straight away as well.......I think I will have to get the tipex out and delete a few of the further fence posts. Thanks again and a happy new year to you. X

Terry, many thanks for your lovely comment, much appreciated. Christine, hasn't it been awful, I hope when we do get a touch of the snowy weather you will be tempted to get the paints out?! Thank you very much Kevin, I hope so too!

Lovely snow scene Fiona, think the posts seem ok. Look forward to more in '14.

Beautiful, happy new year to you, Fiona

nice one Fiona..happy new year ....please . keep them coming , I love them

Lovely work Fiona, Happy New Year!

Lovely clean crisp painting Fiona, Happy new Year to you too!

Beautiful winter scene Fiona, I love it! Happy new Year to you too!!

Excellent. Happy New Year. I am also taken by the Christmas oil painting of the frozen pond.

Happy New Year to you also. Lovely painting! I look forward to more ....

Beautiful work, Fiona! I love the composition and the superb brushwork. Just stunning! Happy New Year!

Many thanks everyone for your comments and support.....you're a lovely lot!!

A very attractive wintry scene. Love the twiggy trees and the feel of a cold crisp winter's day.

Thank you Marjorie!

Good, confident brush work. Super painting. Happy New Year Fiona!

This is really superb work, Fiona!! Everything is just right about it - from the composition with the eye being led into the painting by the track, to the beautifully painted snow and the wonderful texture on the trunk of the tree. Wonderful light as well. Your best to date I think. Happy New Year to you - go forward with confidence as see what it does to your painting when you stay upbeat about what you are doing!

Thank you very much Louise and Thea, I always value your comments.

Boy, I wish I could watercolour like this ! Thanks for your comment Fiona - much appreciated from such an accomplished artist

What a lovely thing to say Berverley, thank you very much! I feel much the same about your oil paintings, I'm only a beginner myself.

lovely fresh and light feel to your paintings

really nice feel about this...very winter

Thank you very much Frank.

Ah yes seen the Wesson style a mile away lovely work indeed , I'm a big Wesson fan ... Thanks a lot for the comment on my latest ....

Wow fiona some terrific painting. Great work every oo

Lovely work and two great artist

Many thanks Dennis, appreciate you taking the time to comment.


Love this too! Very "Wesson", Fiona.

Lovely work Fiona , I remember reading that Ted Wesson never used a standard nib for line work as he favoured a softer line made by a sharpened matchstick , do you also follow this way of working ? Either way it's a lovely piece .... Thanks a lot for the comment on my beach scene ...

Hi Dermot, thank you for taking a look, I appreciate it. I use an old school dip nib pen for the finer lines but for the most I use a piece of wood that is actually one of the bits you get with a canvas to fit in the corners to stabilise it. This material isn't unlike the wood that matchsticks are made from, so yes, it gives a softer mark. One end is blunt, for the thicker, broader lines and the other end I've sharpened to do the thinner lines. I prefer these to pens as I'm not very neat in my work (which I prefer) and I'm not very good at drawing, it covers a multitude of sins! Lol.

Strong composition Fiona, very reduced and powerful. Well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

A pen & wash inspired by my favourite two artists, Alan Owen and Edward Wesson. Happy New Year to you all!

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