Grey Day!

Grey Day!

Love this, Fiona. You have captured the mood of the day beautifully with a loose style that is perfect. Well done.

This is different for you Fiona, I like it

This unusual for you, Fiona, so much so that I very nearly did not recognise the style! However, I can recognise an interesting posting when I see one, (there is more than one Fiona on here), and was pleased it was from you. The palette plus the pen is perfect for the rainy day and the general mood. Sorry, but I must agree re the size of figures, especially as they will get smaller still as they move away from the viewer; but it could be that the steps and the yellow door are too large! Nevertheless, it's an interesting addition to your lovely gallery.

You have certainly caught the damp atmosphere here Fiona. Perhaps if you change the steps. so there are more and less deep, it might look ok.

Thank you John, Glennis yes, very unusual for me this kind of subject. Lionel, Stephen I know what you are saying and it is all down to the size of the building and steps on the right. Good idea to try Stephen, making the steps smaller and more of them. Thank you both.

I like the feel of this. The figures didn't really concern me much until you mentioned it as it is a painting of atmosphere. I think you should try more of these. Great colours and washes.

This is excellent Fiona, the mid to very pale grey works beautifully and has enabled you to add a very convincing misty effect, the blurring of the tree and the people with their umbrellas make it clear how bad the weather is, the touches of yellow are a delight as well

Great simplicity about this which appeals.

Certainly effective and very wet looking, just like here at the moment it's bucketing down!

I agree with the others and it is so good to see you trying something really different Fiona! There are some issues with the size of the figures and the door and steps but the overall impression is attractive and I like it a lot.

Thanks very much folks, I'd like to try something else in this line but with improved scale!!

I didn't see this one when you posted it Fiona but it caught my eye just now when it appeared at the bottom of the gallery page. It must have been posted on one of those busy POL days! It's really good and as Satu said, it's good to see you painting a different subject and so successfully as well. I hadn't noticed the size of the figures (does it really matter?) until you pointed them out, I just like the overall scene, the sketchy pen marks and of course that dash of yellow.

Durr, just notice the date, today's infact..LOL

Oh Louise I'm so glad you caught it. I really wanted your opinion on it because to me, you are the 'Queen of street scenes'. I really enjoyed doing it too, even though the scale of everything is awful......I didn't much care to be honest, I just enjoyed it. I might try another. Thanks.

That's very kind of you to say Fiona. Just as well that you added the word 'scenes'..LOL.. I try not to get too bogged down with the scale or accuracy. After all, it's an impression of the scene. As I said, for me, it's the overall image that matters.

Really like this Fiona, as Louise said it's an impression and a good one too!

Thanks again Louise, when I do the next one I'll try and remember what you have said. Many thanks Debs, your comment has given me a lot more confidence about this particular one.

If only I could take my own advice..

Stunning work, Fiona - the atmosphere is spot on!

Thank you Seok, you are very kind.

You are a whizz with pen and wash, aren't you. You casually turn out these loose little gems. I love it.

I do like pen & wash I must admit, I like the freedom of it especially as my drawing skills are somewhat limited. With pen & wash the less acurate the pen work the more fluid and charactrful the whole painting is.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour and pen done from a black & white photo. Mainly painted wet in wet with pen marks on the top. Figures should be bigger I think because they look too small against the righthand building. Perspectives and scale have never been my strong points. I quite enjoyed the change of subject. Arches paper and Old Holland paints; ultra marine, light red and cad yellow.

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