'Out of Season'

'Out of Season'

Lovely fresh palette Fiona with delicate shadows

Fiona - this is a real cracker - well done - is it hot pressed paper?

You're back with a brilliant painting. I used to be bold and paint without sketch ....

Steve Hall - a Ted Wesson enthusiast - is a good example to follow, and this I think is one of your best paintings yet; colours are fantastic, and I very much like the loose but still accurate touch of the brush. Like those strong, sharp darks in the trees, branches and twigs, especially; and of course the sky. You've pulled off a rather special one here.

Many thanks Pat, Michael, Gudrun, Robert, Rebecca for your very encouraging comments. Michael, the Jackson's paper is 'NOT' 140lb, it hasn't got very much of a tooth to it though. I usually keep it for pen & wash paintings because it's fairly smooth, it takes the ink well. Thanks again.

Great painting, lovely shadows

This is super! I love the colours you have used - the suggestion of warmth on a snowy day is pleasing to the eye.

A super snow scene, the colours are wonderful and the technique you used "brilliant"

Ditto everything Robert said - he says it all so much better than I ever could. This is just fabulous, Fiona, a real stunner.

Glennis, Helen, David, Jane thank you very much for your lovely remarks, they are really appreciated.

I like the warm pinky/red in the sky Fiona contrasts so well with the dark twiggy branches.

Hi Fiona. Your Wesson (via Steve Hall in this case) influenced paintings continue to get better and better. There appears to be a confidence in this one that wasn't there a year ago when I joined this site. Well done

I agree with all the other comments, fresh, loose, bold brush strokes, 'it's a cracker' as that irish comic used to say.

The trees , the sky, everything just gels together so well. Steve Hall comes to our art group once a year, The highlight of the year for me; there is nothing that man cannot paint. Your snow scene is super :)

Just beautiful, Fiona. Love the palette. Love the sky. For me, the main line of trees in the right hand side of the picture veers towards impressionism, (which I love), particularly the way the brush strokes convey the sense of foliage.

Brilliant. I love that pink in the sky bringing a warm glow to the painting but I hope we don't see any of that white stuff for a while yet. :)

Those deep maroon colours in the trees are quite delicious and add such vibrant depth. A lovely painting with economical brush strokes which make the painting simple and unfussy.

Really like this Fiona, beautiful colours and delicate work.

A stunningly beautiful, fresh, crisp painting Fiona! I love it.

Gosh! I feel a bit of a fraud over this painting, all the hard work has been done by Mr. Hall.....I just copied it. But I thank you all for your lovely comments and continued encouragement it is really appreciated.

Wonderful impact here...great darks to give a zing, and an excellent palette.

Many thanks Ruth, very grateful for your comment.

Lovely loose style Fiona1 I love it!

Thanks Beatrice, glad you like it.

i really am torn here, i love this one.......................

This watercolour is superbly executed Fiona! I love it!

So, so beautiful, Fiona! Love this!

Hang on Studio Wall

I received a set of greetings cards this morning depicting some of the paintings of Steve Hall. I thought this one was lovely, so I've put into practise what a few of you on the site have suggested; that I skip the pre-sketch and 'go for it!' There isn't even a pencil line, straight in with the brush. I know it isn't very seasonal, hence the title. Jacksons watercolour paper and Old Holland watercolours; U. marine, V. brown, Cad. orange, and V. red.

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