Snowy thinks 'stay still no one will know!'


Another great painting of Snowy! They are all fabulous!!

Excellent Faye you should use then as story for children .

You have your cat down to a 'T'. Lovely drawing. (Years ago, we had a cat that sat upright in a chair as we do, strange.)

Thank you David, thank you Paul. Yes good idea Jackson loves snowy and her pics. 🤗😼 thank you Lewis haha! They just have incredible personalities 😍

Love Snowy's expression (and your words!)

Thank you Heather much appreciated 🤗

Gorgeous- I love these paintings!

Lovely expressive drawing Faye.

It’s lovely how you have caught this pose Faye.

Always a smile on my face when I see your Snowy.

Thank you Rachel, Denise, Fiona and Chris. Nice snowy puts a smile on your face Chris. 😼

Love your very cute Snowy paintings Faye.

Another Snowy hit. Yes the suggestion of a children’s book is a good one. Sams Tale is at the publishers right now.

Thank you carole and Sylvia aww cute. Thank you 😊

Love it! great drawing Faye.

Another lovely Snowy painting Faye.

Lovely work, made me smile.👏👏

Thank you very much Alan, David and Harman means alot from all you great artists 🎨

Awesome 😃

Hang on Studio Wall

Snowy stands like a meerkat sometimes and I find it really funny and love it 😊😼

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