Eye in the sky 👁


Can you notice anything?

Faye that is superb!! I believe I can identify the "eye"! I find your abstract paintings so imaginative and the very best!!

Just having a further look and I can definitely see the landscape which the eye is is viewing!

Thank you David very kind of you. Means alot. I enjoy beimg imaginative.

Bravo David 👏

Another nice one, Faye!

I like it Faye.

Beautiful abstract painting.

Lovely greens and beautiful marks, to me it looks like a bird’s eye view.

Thank you very much Manoj, Denise, cesarean Romila yes that's it 😀 😊

This is excellent. Love the great use of shapes and space, the wonderful layers and the very effective use of textures and lines. Stunning work, Faye!

Fabulous textures, made all the more eye catching by using a limited palette.

Thank you such soak and Ellen very kind 😊

Love this, very eye catching and imaginative Faye.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Acrylics on canvas. 💚😊

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Hello 👋 I used to paint over everything when I was a little girl walls, my mums Telephone, my cousins wardrobe and all over the walls in middle school... in a cupboard. Opps! When I finished school I went on to college and then Uni where I studied fine art and Illustration. I did struggle and…

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