Meet Snowy


Aww she is lovely.

You have captured your new little friend very well Faye lots of fun a head.

Thank you carrie and Chris. Yes she has character 😊

What a delightful painting! She looks an adorable kitten.

What a little beauty and I like the way you have sketched her

Aww so pretty, beautiful cat Faye.

This is smashing Faye.

What a beautiful face your cat has and you have painted her very well Faye.

Thank you all so much. Much appreciated She is adorable. 🐱

This is such an fabulous piece, Faye! She looks like a little fluffball of trouble, and you've captured perfectly her irresistible expression of mischief!

Haha thank you seok for your lovely comment. Yes snowy is so playful.

A great drawing, and I like the muted colours.

Thank you Lewis 😊

What a beautiful painting and little cat, well done Faye

Thank you John

Lovely painting Faye, hope you enjoy lots of fun together.

I can see lots of future sketches and paintings of this little beauty Faye…….a painted photo album of Snowy’s progress.

This is a lovely sketch of Snowy, Faye - she looks very sweet!

Like this line and wash . The composition is strong and the drawing is lovely .

Wow thank you so much Katy, Fiona and yes definitely photo album of snowy! Thank you Anne Maureen and David

Hello gorgeous snowy.

Thank Romila

Lovely!! Cats make such great subjects.

Thank you Michael. 😊 pets are the best 👌

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We have a little new ball of fluff join our family Snowy. 🐱 She is white with a little grey brown splodge on her head. Finally sat down this evening to fit in a little sketch of her on watercolour paper with splash of colour. 🥰

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