After Renoir. Danse a la Moulin de la Gallette

After Renoir Danse a la Moulin de la Gallette 003

Very well done Dorothy. We had a copy of this painting on our wall for years.

And a challenge well met, I like it a lot an excellent job.

You should be pleased, Dorothy. This painting is a tough one, it's also one of my favourite far I haven't had the nerve to try to copy it. Excellent work.

I am so impressed with your brave attempt, which is an extremely lively painting, full of interest, harmony and joviality Dorothy. Love it.

Well done Dorothy. Mission accomplished.You got the whole scene and its atmosphere in brilliantly.

This is one of my favourite painting. You have caught the jolly atmosphere of dance party and all detailed of each Individual very well.

Like the way you've painted this

Thank you to everyone for your comments. Nearly gave up on this one but a lady in my class challenged me to do an Impressionist painting. It needed a lot of patience.

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I have tried doing this in pastel and it was incredibly difficult, not just because all photos I have seen have variations of colour, but because I do not paint in an Impressionistic way but I do like some of their work. There is no attempt at real copying in this but I was just challenging myself

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