Through the tunnel

Through the tunnel

I like this, Dorothy. It's subject matter is different to the norm, so it stands out in the gallery. Great composition.

Looks a bit scared to me! You’ve certainly captured the atmosphere here Dorothy.

Thank you Lewis and Tessa. This one was really inspired by my dislike of tunnels' Many years ago, I was potholing in Yorkshire with my youngsters and was fine till the guide put all the lights out. Incredible horrible feeling when you couldn't see your own hand. , Then it is the subways they build to cross main roads safely. We don't know who might be lurking round the corner. I never go under them in dark nights!

Really good, Dorothy, It feels like it's looming!

Great pastel Dorothy, it does look creepy. I don't like walking in these tunnels either.

Yes they are scary Dorothy, you have portrayed an eeriness here.

Thank you everyone for your comments.

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Exploring textures affected by light and dark. Pastel 11 x 14 inch

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