In the thicket


Lovely painting

Great combination of colours.

Clever, I like this a lot ... bit scary for you!

Lovely sunlight in the woods. I’m always wary of cows I don’t know but some around us are very friendly.. but you never know!

I like this a lot Dorothy. There's something almost mythical in the way you have painted the cattle.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Acrylic I spent the afternoon sitting by the river painting the rocks and water. When it was time to go and meet my friend I saw the Black Welsh cattle in the bushes watching me!!! Not keen on cattle but I did a very very rough sketch and took a photo. My friend said she didn’t go to the river as she had seen them. Didn’t tell me!!

About the Artist
Dorothy Pointon

At my school during the war there was very little art tuition if any. I can’t remember any lesson except being given bright poster colours and thick brush. The teacher then would sit and mark home work. I did get a “good” in my school report. When I started work I took many evening classes from…

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