Portrait 10


Your own portraits just go on getting better and better

Most kind Heather. I do feel I am improving even though classes have halted. Will keep practicing.

Brilliant brush marks and love the specs halfway down the nose and especially the eyes Fen.

A great study in concentration Fen with lovely brush strokes.

Thanks folks.

superb portrait. Wonderfull.

Amazing and have enjoyed looking through your excellent gallery.

Thanks Diane, sorry, only just seen your comment. Glad you have enjoyed them.

Hang on Studio Wall

Enjoyed this one. Played with substituting the usual ultramarine in the palette with Indigo. Found indigo to be very adaptable; lending itself both to great dark red mixes, luminous purple mixes and using only a speck with titanium white a great eye-sparkle blue. Will definitely use it again. Measures 40 x 40cm on canvas.

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Fen D'Lucie

I undertook Art History and Drawing at college. On leaving, my art was put on hold for many years as I worked for employers in unrelated streams. In the early 2000's I returned to art for my own pleasure. I started drawing animals for friends which grew into producing commissioned dog and horseā€¦

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