The Rock


I was there in 1984 Paul, but didn’t move to the camp preferred the substandard accommodation at Calpe much better view from half way up the rock. This has brought back great memories, eastern beach with the aircraft coming in to land almost over your head. Super watercolour.

Thanks for you comments Fiona, I love being on the Rock, mind you the boarder was closed then you you had no where else to go, great days.

The border opened up whilst I was there so had lots of trips in to Lalinea to the markets and fiestas. Did you go over to North Africa on yogi, I did a couple of trips, always glad to get back to the rock though. Great days!

A great painting of an imposing piece of granite called Gibraltar well done Paul

Thank you Fiona and Tao. Do you know how the aircraft came to be called yogi Fiona.

Is it something to do with the wife or mother of either the pilot, maker.......or am I thinking of Enola gay?

It was to do with a RAF fireman who had to much falling over fluid, and chalked a YO in front of the GIBAIR , on the side of the aircraft. It remained on the aircraft for three or four days. The aircraft at the time was a Vickers Viscount. The name stuck and it became the call sign.

I didn’t know that Paul, excellent, thank you for telling me. You could set your clock by the sound of him taking off and coming in.

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A4 watercolour, developed from a sketch I did whilst sitting in a fire truck at the ends of the runway in 1975. I lived in the white block top floor third window along, some good day and fond memories.

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I developed an interest in watercolour painting whilst recovering from a spinal injury . Started painting whilst laid flat on my back using a mirror, did it stop the OT pestering me, but it backfired. When I sat up had to start all over again as I was use to painting through a mirror. Stop painting…

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