Marvellous Paul! A lot of work involved in this painting, you’ve done a great job on the ropes, wires and rigging etc.

Love this image.

Just love these old ships. You've done a great job on it, Dixie. A complex subject, plus you've put people in it...always a big plus with me.

Thank you Fiona, Jill and Lew your comments are very much appreciated. Like you Lew I have a love of the older ships, there is something romantic about them, maybe it’s to do with remember them as a child. The world seemed bigger then any theses old ships, some were tubs went off around it to exotic places. I feel there is a value in recording then and other old ways, items etc.

Fantastic details on the riggings, you must have a lot of patience to do all the details. hope your workshop was a success well done Paul

Thank you Tao, it did take some time to do the detail. The workshop went well, I have posted on the forum about it.

You are correct John, I love old ships, trucks and trains etc, this one was different as it from the dockside. It was great fun, but hard work on my hands. Will do more similar paintings I think.

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A 32x32 cm watercolour painting, taken from a b&w photo of steamer somewhere in North Africa. Quite pleased with it despite a few wobbly bit due to still wearing splints. Ropes and rigging were achieved with a fine pen as not able to hold a brush steady enough.

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Paul (Dixie) Dean

I developed an interest in watercolour painting whilst recovering from a spinal injury . Started painting whilst laid flat on my back using a mirror, did it stop the OT pestering me, but it backfired. When I sat up had to start all over again as I was use to painting through a mirror. Stop painting…

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