Give it 5 more minutes


I decided it want finished after posting this earlier. Thank you to anyone who left a comment.

One day I might get a sentence out without a typo !! That should read wasn’t finished

Amazing Diana, just looks so effortless, sure it is anything but.

Decidedly a new art form Diana, and a successful one at that.

This looks great.

So clever Diana, love it!

Superb Diana, and just think of all the opportunities you have to further explore this subject matter here in the UK!

Hmm... I’d give it ten minutes! Great idea and really interesting.

That is brilliant Diana!

Five more minutes and a couple of glasses of wine may become much clearer. Fabulous!

This is amazing Diana. Love the watery effects you have so cleverly achieved.

I think I recall a song that started "Only five minutes more ......." Diana! You are becoming the acknowledged expert on wet windscreens. Really very good and effective.


Wow, awesome

Clever stuff ...... I've had washing on the line for 2 days now: at least it's getting well rinsed...

I am impressed! x

Love it

Thank you Anjana. It was challenging but always enjoyable. Morning Jim. A bit like a new food, I get an interest in something new and flog it to death 😂 Thank you Painful Painter for you interest. I appreciate it. Thank you Heather. Great to hear from you Hello Russell. Thank you and yes, you’re right ! Maybe you’re right Alan! Thank you Morning George and thank you for your interest. Lovely to read. Thank you Fiona I rather like your suggestion Thank you Carole. It’s amazing how a jumble of abstract lines create a recognisable image. Thank you Michael. I often pull up at a kerb when I’m driving to take photographs. Good morning Emma. Thank you for taking time to look at my work. Thank you Romila. Always appreciated. Morning Robert. Thank you. Yes, your washing will be organically rinsed. Hello Diane and Carole. I do appreciate your interest in my work. It’s so encouraging.

Thanks for your interest Paul.

Wonderful watery painting Diana!

Wow....I’m loving these rainy paintings.

Thank you very much Linda and Ellen for your ongoing encouragement.

Hello Dennis and thanks a lot👍

Wow, wow wow. You made it!!!

Thank you Yoko. I’m so pleased to have completed it!

Thank you Shelagh. I’m really motivated by that generous comment

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Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford CP paper. Sitting in a car park in Penzance wearing flip flops

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