Complete restart

Complete restart

Teeth are very difficult to paint convincingly, which is why so few artists ever tried. I'm not a portraitist, though have done a few - I think you've hit the mark with this one, by indicating the teeth in shadow and not as sparkling white ceramic gnashers, which immediately turns a portrait into a cartoon. I can't of course speak for the likeness achieved, but this is a very appealing portrait, and very believable.

I think you painted what you saw Diana, and made a great job of it. It's smashing.

Its absolutely gorgeous,

Just one word to describes this piece Diana, SUPERB!

I have every sympathy Diana, if even a small doubt is there the time spent " resolving" it becomes longer....I looked at the two, side by side, and you can see it's the same little girl. Good luck!

Love her! Very believable...teeth are far better than I could attempt! you're very brave...and good at it!

Have never really tried portraits but this looks very good to me !

I loved the previous version, but if you weren't happy with the likeness, that give us an excuse to enjoy the second version. Beautiful.

I also struggle with teeth but you have achieved a very realistic image and you should be very proud of the portrait as a whole Diana.

Beautiful again Diana handled with your perfect skills

This is another wonderful portrait, Diana, but the first one was also very good. You are too much self-critical, Diana.

The mouth and teeth look very convincing to me - its a lovely portrait (although i don't know the child). It's beautifully rendered.

Absolutely beautiful Diana, my solution to the teeth problem is quite simple I avoid them completely and I applaud you for not only tackling the problem but succeeding much better than I would have done.

I loved the previous one but this is so nice Diana. She looks delightful, very clever work.

Wonderful portrait Diana,

Well, I'd be thrilled if I could paint a portrait like this. I can't fault it Diana !

She is beautiful and love the skin colours.

It’s absolutely charming, Diana.

This is really charming and the teeth and mouth look fine - it is a really lovely portrait

pure delight Diana your a skilled lady indeed

I think it’s a lovely portrait.

There is nothing else I can add to all the above Diana, she’s adorable and your paintings are always a delight to look at, what ever the subject.

She is identitical to my youngest daughter, this really threw me , beautiful

Hello Robert and thank you. You are right about teeth not being white. Also the curves of the gums around the teeth are tricky. Thank you Jim and Linda. Lovely to hear from you again. Thank you Jonn. Very much appreciated. Margaret, thank you for taking the time to compare the two. It has been worth the effort to do it again. If someone is paying, they deserve the best you can achieve. Thank you Thalia. Teeth are not fun to paint! Actually the mouth in general Thanks Richard. Your comment is much appreciated Thank you Lewis. I had made so many changes in the previous one that the paper was a bit grubby looking from all the scrubbing out. Thank you Carole. What a relief when it’s finished. Dennis, I was so close to throwing in the towel with this project.

Thank you Cesare. I was being pains for this and only wanted to take money for something I was happy with. I feel uncomfortable taking money full stop. Thank you Georgina , I’ve never met her but feel as if I know her now! Thanks Barry, that’s the solution! Margaret, thanks for your kind comment. Much appreciated. Thank you Carole for your loyal support Louise, thanks and I’m a fan of your work too. Thank you Dorothy and Ellen Your thoughts are very generous Thank you Maureen and Dennis. It was quite a good exercise to get negative feedback initially as it made me look at the subject more carefully and accept that I’d made mistakes.

Thank you Janet, I’m glad that you like it Fiona, thank you. Such a lovely comment. Thank you Elisa. I’m always drawn to children that look like mine did.

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This is another attempt at the previous portrait which, in all honesty wasn’t too good. The portrait and as a portrait was ok but there were far too many problems in the likeness,especially around the mouth. Teeth are a real struggle for me and again,the weak spot in this one.

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