Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee

That's just superb Diana. Reflections are amazing.

I think I can see your kitchen in the reflection on the kettle Diana, this is a superb rendition of a difficult subject with so many reflective surfaces.

It is very good indeed, and I like it.

Diana, you and this, are amazing! Just attempting one of these items would tie me up in knots.

A great example of your Many talents Diana Terrific

The Queen of reflections. Brilliant Diana.

Thank you Jim...Barry, I'm not to impressed with the rotund image of the photographer!. Thank you Shirley and Fiona, you are very generous in your compliments Thank you. Thank you Linda

H ha .Peter , I'm not keen on my reflection in the kettle. I look like a sumo wrestler

Really special Diana. Quite extraordinary and I mean that :)

This is a stunning piece of work, Diana. I love the reflections.

Thank you Louise ,Mia and Russell I'm in a place where I see my work in a negative eye so much. I can see improvements and progress but overall have little confidence. I appreciate all the positive comments.

You gave yourself quite a task and well, no trouble at all! Excellent. I take it Art Tutor is an online thing?

Thank you Gudrun. Yes, it's an online art site with hundreds of lessons in all mediums , galleries and forums.

Stunning work, Diana. A piece that showcases your superb grasp of tones and draughtsmanship.

Beautiful monochrome painting Diana, so clever!!

Simply amazing work Diana, I agree with everyone as it's all been said. Marvellous!

Thank you Seok, Carole and Margaret. It's surprising how subtle the variations of tone are.

Thanks. I'll take a peek at that. Just carry on painting!

Superb piece of drawing; drawing exactly what you see, the strange shape of reflections on a round shiny surface. I wish you well in your new found pursuit in art.

Thank you Louise and Sue. You make me smile and boost my motivation

Hang on Studio Wall
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Watercolour monochrome study for the Arg Tutor monthly challenge which was to paint kitchen utensils in monochrome. Half imperial bockingford rough. As a study , it certainly made me look very carefully at the small variations in value. As a painting, I think it's s bit clinical. Painted in neutral tint.

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