Christmas market Trestevere

Christmas market Trestevere

Fabulous Diana, love the light just catching the parked cars. The market lights so inviting, brilliant!

Super work Diana, great contrast between the dark foreground and the bright market and square. I really like the old streetlight too.

Excellent work Diana, really good darks showing up the light and I can almost feel the rain.

Those cars look so real......

Fantastic Diana one of your best great light great scene well done

Wonderful street scene superbly painted, Diana.

Great contrast and some marvellous form. Heck of a job Diana.

An amazing piece Diana...wonderful strong contrasts and great composition.

Terrific and powerful painting Diana....lovely stuff.

As usual, everyone got there before me! Such a good painting Diana, with all the dramatic tones.

Superb light and love the contrast and various textures all going together to make a great painting.

A wonderful strong image, with great contrasts Diana.

Such an atmospheric painting. I love all the reflections from the rain, and the light and dark. Beautiful X

Fabulous reflections without being 'forced' if that makes sense. Great painting.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on this painting. Your positivity will help me to feel confident enough to attempt more landscapes/townscapes.

Superb Diana, love these colours. Great work!

Wonderful painting with atmosphere and light Diana.

Thank you Vicky snd Andrew. It seems a lifetime ago that I painted this one.

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial. Strathmore heavy rough saved from the bin by a few strong highlights. We rounded a corner from a dark street and the lights of the market looked so seasonal

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