Fontana del Pantheon Rome

Fontana del Pantheon   Rome

Amazing work as always, Diana, you have rendered very well the foutaind and the running water.

A very striking image Diana. You've created the textures and tones beautifully with your choice of palette. How did the paper measure up?

Hi Cesare , thanks for being there with your kind words. I have been missing in the comments for a while so have a lot to catch up on.. Hello Fiona and thanks . I have just seen that my last few paintings have similar palettes! The paper was a very welcome prize and I was delighted to have won it . I was given a voucher to buy what ever I wanted from Strathmore and I decided to select a variety of papers in case I didn't like any. I bought a watercolour sketch book and a box of watercolour greetings cards too . The paper I used for this is quite robust and withstands a lot of scrubbing . It buckles a bit while wet ( as do most) but dried completely taught . It didn't like masking tape at all and the paper surface came off with even the gentle tape. It was fine with masking fluid though. This was the middle priced paper. I have 4 sheets of very heavy which was £25 a sheet so need to make sure I treat those with care!! The cheaper paper reminded me of the stuff you can buy at the works.. I was like a child at Christmas when the parcel was delivered. Thanks Dennis , as usual, I'm not sure ,but then I was watching a Joseph Zbukvic DVD last night as he claims never to be 100% happy with any of his Paintings!! Diana

Another unusual subject captured so well, Diana. I'd also be interested to know how you found the Strathmore paper.

Hello Jenny and thanks for your kind comments. I have been away from commenting for a few weeks and am just having a catch up . You must have been writing as I was replying to Fiona about the paper. I usually use Saunders Waterford rough so trying a NOT surface was interesting and a completely different experience. Diana

Our comments popped up at the same time, so please ignore mine about the paper! (Having said that, what weight is the expensive Strathmore paper? I use Saunders Waterford 300 lbs all the time now and would never go back to a lighter weight paper.)

Thanks very much for the info Diana,

Jenny, I looked at the packaging of the paper but the weight wasn't on the label. It's like cardboard so must be 300 It was only available in full imperial sheets so may well cut it in half. Thank you Russell, not everyone's cup of tea but my husband loved that hideous face Diana

excellent study Diana lovely tonal work water works great

Hang on Studio Wall

Trying out my Patchings paper prize. Strathmore NOT 140 lb 24"X 18"

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