Morning coffee at the World Peace cafe Pocklington

Morning coffee at the World Peace cafe Pocklington

Love how you’ve captured the light in your painting Diana. 👍🏻

Great contrast and shadows as ever, thanks for sharing.

I recognise your paintings on the site at first glance Diana. Simply stunning and wonderful. Love it!

Very clever piece Diana, love those cast shadows.

the deep contrast set this off beautifully. There must be many of us who regret those missed years!

Posted by Bob Ward on Wed 29 Aug 15:39:17

Brilliantly painted Diana, the perspective and light is superb, Linda

Wonderfully drawn a lovely piece. Congratulations!

You are so good at this kind of painting with great light and shadows, instantly recognisable Diana.

Wish I could paint quickly and with such perfection, brilliant Diana.

Total opposite of your last painting. Not a bit of chrome Miss the chrome paintings.....

You've certainly risen to the challenge here Diana.

All those different angles Diana so cleverly achieved, shadows perfect. Could just sit there in the sun with a mug of coffee!

Quality.... 👌

Beautiful rendition of a rather complicated subject, Diana. You said it was painted quickly, was it done from life or a photo?

Diana, you are one clever and talented lady!

Thank you Rachel. I think the painting would be very dull with the shadows. Thanks John. Definitely a David influenced piece. Thank you Margaret and how lovely to be recognised Detlev. Thank you Stephen, I love shadows but struggle to get the correct colours and fiddle too much. Hello Bob , yes, that disruption called work gets in the way!! Thank you Linda and David. I was more interested in the shadows that the coffee!! Thank you Tessa. I love the idea of my work being recognisable. Thank you Jennifer. Sometimes, a quick painting works well because you’re looking at shape and value primarily with no time for fiddling

Thank you Peter. I do have another couple of metal subjects in the to do tray! Thank you Russell and Sandra. Those tangled legs!! Thank you Carole. My coffee was cold after faffing about taking all the photos. Beautiful place surrounded by woods and fields in the Yorkshire Wolds. Thank you Alan. That’s very flattering Jenny, thank you I did it from photographs. All my outside painting is done in sketch books. I haven’t the confidence to set up an easel in public I am getting used to drawing in public places but happier away from people !

This is great, Diana - love the colours, the contrasts - so difficult to achieve this scene.

That’s a beautiful watercolour Diana

Thank you Dermot. I think that some of the freshest ones have been done quickly

Thank you Margaret. Sorry it took so long to reply. I missed you!

Hang on Studio Wall

Half imperial watercolour painted very quickly to meet the deadline for a painting challenge.

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