Moody Blues


Worked nicely Denis. Drew my attention right off by its loose simplicity..

Definitely Moody Blues in more way than one! Like that a lot!

This caught my eye at once, Denis. Lovely marks and colour palette.

I really do like this a lot, suits the mood of the current weather . I have a liking for the darker colour , Payne’s grey, indigo etc, . This is so good you should use your darker colours more Denis.

Aww I love this 😀

I like your imagination and there's nothing wrong with a bit of doom and gloom every now and then!

Imagination is one of the key elements in all art work which has been used here with very good results...

It doesn’t look gloomy to me at all, I like it. I see lovely wintery light.

I love watercolours like this Denis….excellent.

Not a wooded area I should freely choose to enter, but I like it: a bit like the scrub around Castle Dracula, I imagine. We're all uplifted by different things: I do like a bit of summery colour, but there's plenty of colour in this if one just looks for it - and a lot of life.

Very good work Dennis, would make a good book illustration.

A super painting Denis. Love the colours and the dark lines work so well!


I like this very much Denis. It's a good composition and to me it's spot on tonally.

Magic and mystery! Hints of things that might be there. I wish I could work from imagination and paint as fluidly as this. I tend to be too literal. I like this a lot.

A work of art full of expression !

Hang on Studio Wall

I thought I’d give the darker pigments an airing last night. The bright colours have had more than their fair share of exposure of late. This is the result. Not very uplifting is it? But Plein air painting isn’t on my list of things to do right now so I’m contenting myself by using my imagination.

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