portrait of the twins

portrait of the twins

Well.... it's an attractive image, the snag is that they aren't identical: the nose of the child on the left is much longer than that of the one on the right... and her upper lip is shorter.... The angle you've chosen made your task EXTREMELY difficult.

Their smiles and eye expressions are just priceless. Beautiful work!

Thank you - no they truly are identical but the head on the right is tilted so there is foreshortening....and I do like a challenge..!

A pair of giggly jellybeans :-) A charming duet. Beautiful !

Dee - The eye placement on both does not follow contour of faces, making them slightly askew. The highlight in the eyes on the left appears too pronounced.

Hang on Studio Wall

My neighbours grandchildren are identical twins - quite a challenge! Painted in soft pastels

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