Dina worry Hen...

Dina worry Hen...

Oh love the tartan Debs and inbuilt bagpipes! Glad they don't have these as my garden would be very noisy when they all played together ;o))

Oh Debs, I can't stop laughing, you've even got the Scots "speak". What clan does your snail belong to? :) :) I love his tartan and his bunnet, I never thought I'd say this about a snail but he's a very smartly dressed little guy, Mr. Salmond could learn a lot from him

Love it beats all of mine funny and fab drawing, as a Scotsman I adore the "Dina worry hen" aye

Being a Manc myself, I'm not sure I understand....LOL. (love the tartan Debs!)

So pleased they eat it up there - there's not much else you can do with it is there?

LOVE this, Debs! You're a genius with these snail costumes!

Thank you very much fellow club members!Glad you liked the tartan Carole. Val I do believe it belongs to the great well known clad MacSlide!! I didn't know you were a Scotsman Jon - see how these little blighters have made a clan out of all of us.Louise my father is a proud Mancunian. Michael I've never eaten Haggis or L'escargot either and finally Seok I know you are a great traveller but where do you live? - might give me an idea !!

That's strikes a chord - being Scottish, my mother always called me 'hen'!

Debs - I've eaten both and think i prefer haggis although I have found the quality of haggis is quite variable - but at it';s best - MMM!

Oh Debs, this is hilarious! And all the comments too! I have eaten haggis and snails and like them both. Now as a club member it cannot eat our dear friends any more so have to have frog legs instead.

Thank you both! Thea - fancy you being a 'wee hen'! Oh Satu you are very adventurous with your cuisine, Michael I couldn't stomach the thought of eating either which is I'll admit hypocritical as I have no bother eating 'wee hens'!!! lol

Satu - you won't want to join the Frog Club then - now there's a thought!

Hang on Studio Wall

Carrying on from 'there's lovely Welsh Wales' we have now reached the Highlands of Scotland, this is especially for Val and Thea and anyone else in the Snail Club who lives in Scotland, is Scots or has Scots blood in them!!

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