Alice managing her flamingo

Alice managing her flamingo

Hi Debs Ros P here just seen your kind comment on my latest Rottweiller pastel, thanks very much for that, love your latest Alice pen and ink, you always make such a great job of them!

Thanks Ros, I don't know why but I can never get a good image to load on here, just put this on another art site and it came up twice the size so you can see it nice and clear - hey ho must go to computer classes!lol

Lovely, quirkly and imaginative illustration. Beautifully thought out and executed. There is something very compelling about white paper with jet black and blood red on it. Super work, Debs.

I like the fun in this. A lovely illustration.

Lovely illustration Debs

Thanks very much Thea, Sarah and Glennis much appreciated!

Wonderful picture Debs, I love all the tiny details too like the knave and the hedgehogs.

It's all been said. Full of imagination. Next project is my self-portrait.

Thanks Carole, I'm glad you could make out the hedgehogs!! lol

Thanks Gudrun, my husband thinks I have too much imagination but there you go! Looking forward to seeing your self- portrait.

Just brilliant Debs!

Aw thanks Val, all these positive comments make such a difference and are appreciated!

Morning Debs, thanks for your comment on my Wednesday pastel cat portrait, much appreciated, glad you like the colours I'm in a brighter background stage at the moment, and I was quite happy with the positioning of the cat on the paper as well like you say it does give an interesting look to it I agree! x

Just magical glad to see Ros P and Gudrun here. Lovely piece very envious !

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The actual title from Alice in Wonderland is :-'The chief difficulty Alice found at first was in managing her flamingo' but that's a tad long for a title. 4th in my Alice illustrations, pen and ink. The more I learn about the actual Alice and her relationship with Lewis Carrol the curiouser and curiouser it gets!

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