Guess who/Blue and a bit of purple] challenge!

Guess who/Blue and a bit of purple] challenge!

Easy, Eric Morecombe, very good Debs

He&#39;s &#39;Singing in the Rain&#39; from the American musical but I don&#39;t know his name. A very good blue/guess who as well, <br />a 2 in 1!

Not Gene? We are singing this in a few weeks time. I think it&#39;s great. I need to get to my blues.

Gene Kelly? Brilliant combination of two challenges Debs. I&#39;m sitting in Split airport, plane to Gatwick delayed, so time to catch up on the gallery postings.

Thank you Derek, Louise, Glennis,Gudrun and Christine.! and you&#39;re right! Was indeed Gene Kelly/Eric Morecombe lol!! Singing in the Rain! Gudrun are you in a Musical-how lovely, wish I could sing in tune, let alone in the rain! Christine I love how comments capture a moment in time, like you sitting in Split airport, waiting to come home.

Yes straight away, Gene Kelly Watched this a few times Debs, great movement can almost hear those feet tapping.

Still sitting here Debs, they keep pushing back the arrival time, I&#39;ve got a horrible suspicion our plane hasn&#39;t even left Gatwick! Power on my iPad is fast running down too!

Lovely blues Debs and a great drawing! Aren&#39;t they such fun these challenges!

Gene Kelly &#39;Singing in the Rain&#39; - wonderful and you have combined a Guess Who with a blue painting - how clever is that! I like the way you have painted the body and it&#39;s very successful in showing the movement of him dancing.

Thanks very much Carole, Satu and Thea, these challenges certainly keep us on our toes! Hope you are on your way home now Christine!

It&#39;s definitely Gene Kelly, fabulous musical, they don&#39;t make them like that anymore. Great combination of guess who and a touch of the blues!

He must be singing the blues, and in the rain too:) Good one debs, lots of movement and his trouser bottoms do look so wet.

Singing in the blue rain. Like it very much. Saw your comment about love is blue on Louise&#39;s pic but when I googled the title it thought I was looking for porn! I too can&#39;t remember who sang it . Must try a quick blue myself now.

Thanks Fiona, Val and Sian, still laughing about you and your &#39;Blue movie&#39; Sian!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Hope you all have good memories, Was going to give you a hint but as it's a challenge I'll wait and see if anyone gets it!

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