A walk in the Park

A walk in the Park

This is great, lovely poodle splatter.

Lovely Debs! She's a very posh poodle and I like her against the lighter background.

I never doubted this was a pink poodle proudly trotting along.

It's a brilliant bit of splattering Debs.......strutting her stuff!

I'm amazed, it's brilliant Debs!

Well controlled splatter Debs ! She is so haughty, and those eyelashes - to die for.

Oo-la-la - a wonderful French poodle - what a great subject, which is perfect for the spattering technique. The pink colour is perfect too.

I think your splatter poodle is really very good Debs, love the haughty expression and the dainty strutting pose!

Knew straight away this was a Parisienne posh poodle Debs, she is brilliant what a clever splatter!

Lovely as always Debs.

What a wonderful French poodle strutting her stuff! (having just glanced at the comments, I see that Fiona said the same!). She is strutting along though, head held high with a haughty look. She's posh and she knows it! Super painting.

Well thank you one and all for such lovely comments, so nice to be back on here!

Oh Debs, this is just super! Absolutely love this - you've captured that snarky look and gait beautifully!

Thank you so much Seok, !!!

That looks like good fun to paint and what an interesting painting it is. Love the pinks and blues merging together.<br />

Thank you so much Joseph she was fun to paint!

Hang on Studio Wall

Well I've managed to do my first spatter! I'm undecided whether to add a dark background to emphasise the shape of the French Poodle or not [ yes it is supposed to be a French Poodle!

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