30 min challenge.

30 min challenge.

I like these 30 minute paintings, fresh and unfussed....

I love your flowers!

Wonderful job debs very brave....flowers and vase, very nice,clean work.

You put so much into your 30 mins, lovely flowers, well done

What a lot you packed into 30 mins Debs, lovely loose flowers.

Well done Debs. It looks good with the blank side!

Really lovely - spontaneous and fresh. I think some good paintings are coming out of this challenge. I think having a lighter side works very well and adds interest - so no problem with not having time to finish that side - it has worked in your favour.

Thank you all so much, I think that the blank side has worked too the more I look at it, and if I hadn't have run out of time I would have painted, probably making it seem overworked, a lesson to be learned I think ! Memo to self - do more '30 miners' lol

Well done Debs, very fresh and clean and a definite winner.

Lovely, 'un-fussy' painting. Have to have a go at this '30 minute ' thing!

Thanks Val and Eileen, yes Eileen do have a go - it's strangely liberating and great fun!!

Super stuff Debs - great result

Nice One Debs - are you sure it wasn't more than 30mins - come on be honest ;-)

Thanks Michael and James - 30mins honest guv! I suprised myself but I knew what I was going to do before a brush stroke was laid, started with the flower heads, painted the blue of the vase in minutes, then the background, next came the leaves then the shadow and the black eye of the sunflowers, ran out of time to paint the right hand side, but that seems to have worked in my favour - have you had a go yet James? go on I dare you lol

You never know Debs hehe

Agree with Val - it's very fresh and I love the sparkle. Well done, Debs!

Thanks Seok, missed your posts on here, hope you are ok?

Sorry for the late comment, Debs, we just came back from a short holiday (I posted my version just before leaving). This is very, very beautiful. I know the trouble about the watercolour drying time! I think this challenge was an excellent idea. Thank you for your lovely comment on my 30 mins.

Thanks Mia, you're right this challenge has produced some really good pictures!

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Taken up the 30 min challenge, bit tricky as I used water colour, so no drying time - just lots of 'mopping up' Ran out of time hence the right hand side being empty, enjoyed doing it though, no time for hesitation, which usually plagues me!

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