Red or Dead? A Night at the Opera.

Red or Dead? A Night at the Opera.

Superb Debs!! How on earth did you think of that!? It's beautifully painted, unusual and great fun. The reds are a treat!

It's certainly different and spooky in a good way. As well as the well painted lady, that pillar in the background is a beauty!

This is fabulous, Debs! That's one very interesting lady!

What a great response Debs, lots of red tones and a very skillful painting too!

This is the reason I stopped going to the opera, I always got seated next to something like this, frightening. Very, very well thought out and drawn Debs.

Reminds me of a lady in the 1920's going to a very smart event at the opera - great style and that wonderful aloofness that these flappers displayed. A great 'red' painting and in actual fact the subject matters people are choosing for these challenge are as exciting as the use of the single colours.

Been out since I posted this, and to come back to such positive comments is very heartening! So thank you Satu, Louise,Seok, Christine, Alan and Thea. Really enjoying these challenges now as I've taken a leaf out of Louise's book and I'm trying to produce something quickly, and you all know what a 'faffer' I can be!! Yes Thea I look forward to seeing what take everyone has on a single, simple theme, really interesting. Alan are you an Opera fan? You should start going again a lot of people turn up in jeans nowadays!

Oh, my dear, the Chippendales! Thought it was Tosca! Brilliant Debs very glam.

Super duper Debs love this one proper arty well done .

Tosca? No greater compliment Carole as tis my favourite Opera!! Proper Arty? Dennis that will do nicely so thank you!!

I'm with your husband. Seriously creepy, but doesn't mean it's not seriously good!

spookily brilliant, reminded of a helen bonham carter character

Thank you Gudrun, I must agree she is spooky, but I like her! Thanks Tony yes she could be a tarted up Mrs Lovett out for the night with Sweeney!!

Brilliant Debs if a little scary. What imagination you've got :)

All the better to scare you with Val!

Hang on Studio Wall

Used only three reds and my favourite Payne's Grey, sorry I couldn't help myself! I've given it an ambiguous title, like what you'd see in a Gallery lol as I suspect you might like it or hate it! My husband hates it says it's spooky, but I'm quite pleased with the reds!

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