The Face

The Face

Well it ceratainly looks like you're getting to grips to it - good strong wash work Debs

Lovely line and studies Debs

I looked up this artist Debs, not an easy style to master. I think I actually prefer your limited palette approach it has a more classical feel, especially when you chose a subject such as this and your last posting. Top marks!!

Beautifully done Debs.

Thank you very much Michael, Dennis and Louise for your encouraging comments. Fiona thanks for taking the time to look him up and as for getting 'top marks' well I'm really chuffed!!

It's a lovely face Debs and muted colours are just perfect. I thought that Prishedko is again something new for us to try but realised later that it's a person!

Such delicate beauty Debs, well captured! Love the negative painted hair.

Thanks Satu, yes his name does sound like a printing technique! Thanks very much Carole I enjoy negative painting, was pleased with one eye but not the other, ah well I'll keep practising!

What a beautiful and evocative face. The eyes are mesmerising - in fact all the features are just lovely. A super piece of work, Debs.

Lovely work, Debs! I love the simplification of shapes. It's so very effective.

Thank you so much Thea and Seok your comments are always much appreciated!!

Super delicate work Debs, makes me wonder what she is thinking.

Thanks Val lovely of you to comment[ thought it had been lost down the gallery pages!]

I like it Debs , lovely fluid washes

Hang on Studio Wall

Still wrestling with Prishedko but hope I am improving!

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