Mum for Fliss

Mum for Fliss

There is emotion & spirit in the eyes , I then read your description and definitely agree , it shows in the drawing.

A lovely drawing, with a warm expression on the lady's face.

Great drawing Dawn, and I know what you mean it's a beautiful sketch 😄

Thank you Linda, Lewis and Sharon.

What the face shows is kindness and gentleness. I'm sure your friend will keep this forever. Lovely work Dawn.

This sketch is incredibly insightful and exudes character. I know exactly what you mean as I have had the same experience but unfortunately only on rare occasions.

Thank you Jessica , Dennis and Carole.

Amazing portrait, Dawn, full of character and heartily drawn.

Lovely, Dawn, and yes, I know exactly what you mean!

Thank you Cesare and Thalia.

Sorry Jim, my phone changed your name to Jessica!

Really lovely and beautifully drawn. And, yes, I would agree that sometimes something begs to be pained.

A beautiful portrait Dawn.

Its a beautiful drawing and I couldn't help but smile back at her.

Thank you all for your kind comments. Fliss loves it. Although she didn't ask me to do this, in a strange way, I felt her mum wanted me to even though I have never met her.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch of a friend's mum who passed away recently. This really drew itself. Does anyone else feel that sometimes you are guided by something outside yourself to create an image?

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I started painting in Jan 2016 after the death of my youngest sister. I found it great therapy and still do! I love experimenting with different techniques and media. This year, I have set myself a challenge of working on my portrait skills, but I do love to paint animals and landscapes…

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