Love the eyes and fur Dawn. When asked to do a pet I like to see them for myself and take my own photos but I’m aware that this isn’t always possible. Maybe have a look at Pinterest or similar sites to see if you can find a better photo that matches the animal you’re about to paint. I was asked to paint a dog that had recently died but the photo was appalling so I asked for better photos. Again, difficult if the painting is meant to be a surprise gift. You do extremely though so just carry on Dawn.

Yes, it's difficult when the source is a bad one but I like this a lot and it has a lovely loose quality to it.

lovely eyes, I like this because it is 'arty' rather than photographic, if you know what i mean. I sympathize with the bad photo issue, I did one recently with no photo and just a vague 'it looked a bit like this' greeting card! The dog had just died and it was to be a gift from my friend to the owners. To make it worse the owner was an artist!! In the end a photo was produced and it was well received.

Thank you Carole. I looked at similar cars to get the ears cos they were closed off on the original photo.

Thank you Katy. I don't have the patience for hyper realism! Glad you got your photo in the end. I have a friend who won't paint anything unless she can take her own photos with full lighting set up.

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I'm being asked to do lots of cats at the minute. The reference photos aren't always great, especially if I'm being asked to do them as surprise gifts. How do others deal with this issue? Inktense on craft paper( cheap from Home Bargains). 8 x 10 inches.

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I started painting in Jan 2016 after the death of my youngest sister. I found it great therapy and still do! I love experimenting with different techniques and media. This year, I have set myself a challenge of working on my portrait skills, but I do love to paint animals and landscapes…

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