Higher Poynton, Cloudy Bright.

cloudy bright HP no easel crop

Good to see a local scene on POL, I know that area well. I like the contrast of the purplish background, against the strongly painted foreground trees. The figures add a nice focal point.

Excellent recession.

Lovely washes you have done David. Your figures give your painting that little bit of movement that completes the picture well.

Well, it works a treat and worth the pain!

It certainly is a lovely result. Looks really fresh and translucent.

Lovely fresh watercolour washes David.

A lovely piece, with wonderful washes and a great sense of immediacy.

Thank you all for those compliments and encouraging comments. It does my aching back and knees good to know it was worth persevering! But I'm not ditching the easel yet.

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On this week’s outdoor session I left my easel behind, something I’ve never done before. So this was painted sitting, then kneeling, on wet, tussocky grass, not good for my old back and knees. But a better result than many I’ve done recently!

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