The New Footbridge

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This is lovely David

Congratulations on your release, David! So is this Poynton somewhere?

Thank you both. Yes, Roger, it's on one of the footpaths between Prince's Wood and the canal, where mud and erosion had made the path almost impassable. And it's only a limited release from lockdown, I'm not venturing back into shops etc. until the number of new Covid cases daily has dropped considerably for a good while. The 3 of us walk 2m apart until we find our painting spots, then we paint more like 200m apart. And, although the numbers of walkers passing by are small, the benefit of social distancing keeps them away and stops them making helpful comments!

Excellent painting, so go to be able to get out. You done look to be much out of practice to me.

Eye catcher and a good strong watercolour - like it. We are fortunate enough to be back on level 1 - no new cases for over 20 days - but am still more likely to use a photo in this day & age of digital - obtain more potential subject matter in the same amount of time. Stay safe

Thank you Paul & Mike for those encouraging comments. I do agree with your comments, Mike, about best use of available time. I only paint outdoors locally to home, or in Suffolk when I visit an artist friend there. Otherwise, on my travels, I quite agree that the 1 - 2 hours spent painting a watercolour outdoors could equally well be spent gathering a good number of different subjects through sketches and photos.

I like this David, has a nice feel of sunlight.

Thanks Stephen, I always tell myself when I start that I'm not painting the view, I'm painting the way the light falls on the different parts of the view.

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My first outdoor painting since pre-lockdown February, in my local fields. It's really weird how the weather changed with Covid lockdown. Tuesday morning is my regular outdoor session with two pals and every Tuesday before March 23rd had bad weather. From the day lockdown began, every single Tuesday was perfect sunny weather! Very out of practice, but, oh it felt so good!

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I have always loved the British landscape – walking in it, photographing it and now, since early retirement, painting it in watercolour. I prefer to paint in the field and have experienced all the difficulties the British weather can present to a painter, from the sun drying the paint on the…

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