Colleen this is so pretty. It really is a gentle watercolour. I love the understated background and yet, just that little line of shadow tells me the vase is sitting on something. Very well done indeed. I am surprised you haven't had more comment but then they can be so easily missed. PS I would like to thank you for your comment on the fisherman at least it has brought me back to your gallery - much appreciated.

Thank you for having a look, Jeannette. I appreciate it too. It's an old one from the early days, this. Paintings are even more evocative than diaries, aren't they?!

May I remember you, as the butterfly kiss, upon my gentler days, the softer passing breeze, which happened to stir a fondness, among my fading memories. A lovely splash of color :-)

Many thanks, Rod, I'm speechless...:)

Nice one Coll, good use of complimentary reds and greens......wish I could do flowers!!

Cheers, Jed. You can do them, you do do them beautifully!

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For you, Gray, rooting for you. Take it easy!

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