Barn Owl on Post

Barn Owl on Post

I think you have done him plenty of justice, the face is adorable, and I like the look in his eyes. The colors are beautifully done too!

We have a breeding pair in part of the old tumble-down house in which I lodge; and you're right, the variation in plumage is considerable; you get dark forms, and those that are almost pure white - and look as though they're pure white when they emerge just after the sun goes down and the moon takes over. I don't know why I haven't painted one myself, now I come to think about it! A good effort -hard work in watercolour, I think; I might have chosen acrylic or oil, as being that much easier......

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a bird I have long been wanting to paint. I don't know if I have done it justice. Research on owl photos showed a very wide range of colours so it is a bit of a mix.

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