Discovery Apple

Discovery Apple

I just want to reach out and pluck the apple from the branch and take a bite, it looks so crisp. Great detail, great mastery of the watercolour technique, love it. just love your work.

it looks perfect :-) and i agree with Peter, you want to reach out and pick it :-) what watercolour paints do you use? :-)

I think you have judged when to stop very well as you have left out any background, which I think was exactly the right thing to do to show off the wonderful colours of the apple and leaves. A lovely almost botanical painting, which glows with life.

Excellent work!

I think its lovely, I just love the curl on the leaves. I don't think it is overworked at all.

The time you've spent on it has paid off Christine, you have produced a beautiful and accurate painting. Love the curl of the leaves.

Beautiful work Christine, great detail. Love the leaves.

A super watercolour, that apple is just perfect.

Eatable and delicious, beautiful painting

Thank you all so much for your comments, it means such a lot to me. I really enjoyed doing this painting. I have used Arches HP paper and I really like it. Rebecca, I have a mix of paints, but mostly Windsor and Newton, and mostly artist quality.

A real beauty! Fantastic colours that remain so transparent . Almost 3D ..... . Love it.

It's a superb piece, Christine. Not overdone at all. It's everything a watercolor should be - beautifully translucent and glowing. It's beautiful.

Thank you - I have been trying to get more transparency into my work, so I am really pleased that you have commented on this.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have the usual problem - not knowing when to stop. I have spent so long doing this though that the leaves have curled up and gone dry, so I have called it a day too!

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