This is a stunning gallery you have there, Christine. Perfectly, delicate painting and drawing. About your question: you never know exactly, it is a matter of instinct and practise. it is better to stop too early than too late. You can also post it here when you think it is ok and ask for some suggestions. That is why this site is so useful, other artists always are very kind and helpful! :) Mia

Beautiful painting Christine and lovely composiiton. I agree with Mia, post it as there is always someone who will give you some useful advice on any concern yu may have.

Thank you Mia and Glennis, I hadn't thought of doing that. It's great advice and really helpful to get other people's opinions. Also, I think, a little bit of courage when you know other people have had the same problems at some point.

I think this is finished Christine. A great composition and beautifully painted. Many thanks for your kind comment on my offering.

Hang on Studio Wall

I drew and painted one leaf at a time, which doesn't make for good composition, but I felt a bit daunted by the whole plant. Hopefully this will become easier with time! One question though - how do you know when you have finished?

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