Distance with Pink


I’m also enjoying them Chrissie, an excellent series indeed! This is an interesting colour combination that does work. I like the design elements also.

Thanks Alan - you are always so encouraging!

Your paintings and your chosen colours are always exciting Chrissie. Harmonious shapes, lines and marks to match the palette.

Love the colours, Chrissie, and the design with its interesting shapes and patterns. Lovely, distinctive style.

Lovely colours, Chrissie. Rather like the French lavender fields.

Lovely composition and a super palette. A very elegant piece.

Thankyou very much for all your helpful comments Fiona, Jenny,Ellen and Seok. It’s much appreciated.

Nice work,..my wife loves your colours!..

Thankyou Michael - it’s nice that your wife likes it too!

Great series, images teetering on the verge of abstraction - gorgeous (almost representative) colour too.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on canvas 51x41cms. I am enjoying this semi abstract series of paintings with their rather quirky colour palettes. Using acrylics means that I can change colour choices readily so I think it makes for a more exploratory approach.

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Picture Size: 51x41cms
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