Barn, after James Fletcher Watson

Barn, after James Fletcher Watson

Yes, proper watercolour, nice loose washes, well suggested trees

Caroline I didn't know whether to reply on my gallery or yours, see mine. Thank you.

Super watercolour Caroline, I love this loose style.

Thank you Jenny, Helen (I accidentally deleted your comment), and Fiona. I did a lot of thinking while not actually painting from May to October, and I feel as if I'm beginning to work some things out, like how stiff or weak to make the paint, and it's very encouraging to get your comments. One new thing, which is so basic but has helped me improve, is simply having a bit of scrap paper next to the painting and testing brushloads before putting on to the painting itself. I'm sure most people would think that's pretty obvious, but for some reason it's only just properly sunk in with me.

Hang on Studio Wall

On W & N 140lb paper, 15" x 11". I've been inspired to plough through a bad case of artists' block - a couple of weeks ago, husb went happily Cotswolds watermill-hunting while I went to the annual watercolour exhibition at Windrush House.

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