The shell seeker on Amble Beach Northumberland

The shell seeker on Amble Beach Northumberland

Carile, Carole. We had a fab holiday there last year.

Very beautiful work.

What a beautiful palette and such descriptive textures of the cliffs, sky and water

Beautiful painting, Carole - very vibrant and pleasing to the eye...

Great painting - love the colours and style, Carole

Glad you enjoyed staying in Amble Dawn. Was born here and left in my 20s vowing I would never return but retired here in 2004 to the same street I was born in.

Thank you so much Iwona. Great complement from you Diana, your work is so superb. Thank you so much Jan and Maureen.

Well I did think that it was oils initially Carole. The depth of colour did remind me of my last Spanish offering yesterday. Quite superb in all respects.

A beautiful painting Carole. Lovely composition and your colour palette selection is spot on.

Beautiful work Carole. Looks like an oil painting, very captivating.

Beautiful work Carole.

Wonderful colours in the sky, rocks and sands Carole, and the little girl tops it off beautifully.

Lovely Carole - a moment captured, love the warm tones

A brilliant composition Carole. Tones and colours are great.

Glorious lush summer color. Love it all, especially the girl's pose. Excellent.

Lovely image very well painted, Carole, beautiful use of pastels.

Thank you so much Alan, such a compliment from someone so talented and thank you to you Barry, Harmen, Romila, Tessa, Heather, Michael,Lewis and Cesare who produce such magnificent work. Your comments really help to motivate and encourage further artistic attempts.

Lovely rich colour Carole - really like it.

Delightful painting Carole, I particularly like the textures of the rocks.

A stunner Carole superb painting

I'm impressed how you took on challenge of bringing all those different surfaces together. The dark brown shadows intensify the colours in the sun.

Wow, really sums up the colours you see and feel when you go to this coastline. Can smell the ozone.

Lovely work Carole🤗

Posted by Sue Kay on Tue 27 Aug 21:10:06
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