Beached boat on the Alan Estuary, Alnmouth, Northumberland.

Beached boat on the Alan Estuary, Alnmouth, Northumberland.

Super Carole. I just love those colours.

A dramatic painting, Carole - fabulous colours...

Brilliant painting Carole

Nice work Carole, well done.

A very interesting and atmospheric painting Carole, dramatic colours and shadows.

You're getting some great results with your acrylics, Carole. The colours are superb and there's a vibrancy that verges on the surreal. I know it's one of my stock phrases but this is a real eye-catcher. Bri

This drew me in straight away Carole. You have really excelled yourself with this. Beautiful colours and I love the sky.

Brilliant colours and beautiful painting Carole

Wow, that’s splendid Carole. Terror subject too.

Love the composition and colour Carole.

Very striking and dramatic Carole, great!

Thank you so much you clever artists who produce such stunning work. I do like acrylics Bri but I’m such a messy person and spend ages cleaning up the furniture afterwards. At least the place doesn’t reek of turps, as it does when I use oils.

Lovely colours Carole... And very precise... Nice job

This one has the wow factor Carole it really jumped out at me from the gallery. You have created some great contrasts and I just love your colour palette.

Bold and dynamic painting Carole, and you are so good at boats. Really interesting piece.

Full of life and dramatic colours.

This is fantastic, the painting has such presence.

He is such s handsom and tough gentleman !!! Wherever this painting is displayed, I am sure people are caught by his dignity.

That's brilliant Carole, I just can't get to grips with acrylics no matter how hard I try, this is so dramatic, it's a big YES!! from me 😀

Wow, Carole. That's pretty amazing and atmospheric!

Thank you everyone for your constant, motivating,,support wiki has is so invaluable. Linda you should have another go with acrylics using a blending gel and gesso. You can merge gesso with colour and it works so well. The blending gel moves the paint around so you have much more control over it. Until I discovered these uses I struggled terribly with acrylics as oils are so easy in comparison. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info Carole, guess I will give it another go eventually 😁

Great vibrant colours .

Oh Carole this is an amazing painting. The light and the colours are magnificent. Makes me want to get my acrylics out again.

Thank you Richard and Margaret, much appreciated.

wow, this is stunning, love the atmosphere and palette.

This picture really takes hold of the viewer - such imaginative colour and style. Inspirational place, Alnmouth. This reminds me that I must go back there one day.

Fabulous painting.😁

Posted by Sue Kay on Tue 27 Aug 21:12:48
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18” x 25” Acrylic on canvas.

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