King Edward’s Bay, Tynemouth


I think it’s wonderful Carole. Great colour choices and those oncoming storm clouds are great. I really like the castle on the cliff.

Nice work Carole, oils aren’t easy as I well know… The surf by the tide line is excellent, I’m not sure about the orangey brown in the left part of the sky… an easy fix! You’ve split the painting 50/50 or thereabouts, but I think you’ve got away with it here. Good work anyway!

Lovely scene Carole and what a sky.

It's lovely Carole and I would agree with Alan about the colour of the sky on the rhs but having said that it adds atmosphere

Nice work Carole, lovely colour palette.

Unusully muted for you, dear Carole, but love the movement through the painting; love and God bless xxx

Thank you so much everyone for your encouragement as I really needed it with this particular painting as it is not the result I wanted. Will wait until it drys then have a go at makIng some changes. Thank you Alan for your good advice and honesty. It really helped. Much love to you all and enjoy what is left of the summer. It’s a pity we don’t share some hotter weather up here in the north.

A lovely spot Carole and beautifully painted.

Than you Marjorie. I do love going there, as it’s a bit warmer than up at our end.

You mastered the challenge very well Carole. Beautiful work....especially the waves in the front!

Wonderful job on the sea. I like the atmospheric brown in the sky on the left. The beautiful thing with oils is the ability to make any changes you want to once you have viewed it with fresh eyes and the work is dry enough - you’ll soon figure out what changes you’d like to make for your own satisfaction.

It is a lovely sea-scape, Carole and well done with the challenge of another medium! I do like the way the sun is lighting up the beach and cliffs and the wheeling seagulls. Maybe the sky on the right could be a little more towards "cold Northern" - just a thought?

Carole- it’s a lovely painting- I love the composition and colour used especially the sand and the sky.

P.S. Carole - Sorry just checked colours on the other laptop and it seems it was my new lap-top giving inaccurate colour so will have to get it fixed!!

I love the atmospheric sky Carole, the colours are great, very nice oil painting.

Many thanks Manoj, Jacqueline, Anne and Gillian for your helpful comments and support. Going to do a bit of touching up later on.

A lovely peaceful scene Carole. If you want crit my only suggestion would be that the horizon is a bit sharply defined, maybe could do with softening a little, and I would add a few touches of the sky and/or landscape colours in the sea. This will ‘knit’ the whole together. Otherwise - just wish I was there!

Thank you Tessa for that great advice. Looking forward to making changes on this when I return home. I really appreciate you taking the time and patience to give such valuable critique. Very often we’re so close to the painting that you just can’t work out the problems.

A great scene Carole and very atmospheric with those stormy clouds.

A beautiful painting, love the colours

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I would try a seascape in oils. Haven’t used the medium in ages. Found it a real challenge and I’m not entirely happy with it but don’t know what is wrong with it. Any criticism would be more than welcome. Oil on can as 20” x 18”.

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