London Sunrise


Stunning. I love this Brendan.

Marvellous watercolour.

Lovely light Brendan

Wonderful painting.

This is superb Brendan. Wonderful use of light and colour and very Turneresque.


Amazing painting Brendan

Fantastic painting. I love the contrast.

Fabulous painting Brendan

Outstanding Brendan!

Beautiful Brendan, the colours create a air of mystery.

Absolutely brilliant, a stunning painting.

For me the greatest landmark on the Thames, brilliant.

Great comments, thank you all.

Absolutely stunning

Gorgeous palette Turneresque!

Beautiful painting, Brendan!!!

Beautiful light reflected on the water.

Stunning Brendan, the light is beautiful

Magnificent detail of the dome and pillars and spire. The contrasts look amazing in the river and shows the brilliance of the sunshine with golden hues!

Absolutely beautiful use of watercolour!

This is just spectacular so skilled fantastic

Beautiful water colour. Very skilfully done.

Beautifully painted, especially in watercolour.

Just a beautiful atmospheric painting. The sunlight effect is stunning.

Brendan this is wonderful.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour on Waterford 300gsm Rough. I reworked this painting to increase the contrast and add a little more detail

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I have drawn and painted for most of my life and have been a serious painter in watercolour and gouache for about 25 years, exhibiting for about the last 15 years at various venues locally and in London. More recently I have been exploring the enormous scope offered by acrylics and oils and…

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