Homage to Hepworth 3

Homage to Hepworth 3 - Mixed media monoprint hand coloured with printing paint and chalk pastels

Interesting, I like it.

Wonderful effects that illuminate your painting Bobbie.

Thank you all for your kind comments. I really enjoyed working on these! Monoprinting is very unpredictable, so I began with about 8 different black prints on different types of paper. I binned 3, and experimented with different colouring media on the other 5. The 3 I've posted in the gallery are my 3 favourites. I know chalk pastels work because I learned this technique at a mixed media workshop about 5 years ago. They are dry and don't affect the original marks made with the water soluble printing ink, but you do need to fix them afterwards. I also tried oil pastels (which were a bit too harsh) and watercolour pens (which was interesting) as well as re-wetting and moving the ink around.

Hang on Studio Wall

This monoprint is based on the same source photo as the last one of me standing in front of Barbara Hepworth's "Four Square (Walk Through) sculpture. This time I used regular white mixed media paper, working back into the black printing ink with my fingers while it was still wet. As well as using chalk pastels to colour it, I also added some highlights with coloured water soluble brush pens.

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