Inside Eden - A Walk Through Western Australia

Inside Eden - A Walk Through Western Australia - Oil on canvas paper - Feb 24th 2022

It's worked even better Bobbie

Thank you! I've taken Version 1 down because I was so dissatisfied with it. I'm still not sure this is my finest piece of work, but it was definitely worth a rescue attempt.

Lovely patchwork of colour in the foreground Bobby. Blended to look natural, as plants grow into and through one another.

Lovely merging of colours Bobbie.

Agree with you, that reworking some things can make better result,.. where is kengaroo?

Lovely and colourful with expressive strokes Bobbie. Works well.

Hang on Studio Wall

I was underwhelmed by my first attempt at painting the inside of the Mediterranean Biome at the Eden Project. (I'd overworked it and muddied the vibrant colours of the flowers, which also needed to spill over the path). After thinking about it for a few days, I spent another hour and a half today applying some fresh paint - and I'm much happier with the final result.

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Bobbie Matulja

I'm a busy Churchwarden from a rural parish in South Shropshire. I've been painting and drawing for nearly 12 years - so I would describe myself as an experienced amateur. I've picked up a few art prizes at Tenbury Agricultural Show as well as exhibiting with a couple of art clubs and, for theā€¦

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