White Water at Marsden Rock

White Water at Marsden 01 05 2020 002 700 pix

That foam looks really creamy, Brian.

Thank you very much, Shirley May. The foam was creamy, blue white all the way to the shoreline, which is very unusual for this beach. There was a storm in the offing. Bri

I think Shirley has described the surf perfectly. A beautiful striking painting Bri.

I like the way you have captured the bright light on the white lathery foam, Brian.

Thank you very much, Fiona and Ronald, for the kind comments. Appreciated. Ah, the light was one of my main objectives, Ronald, but I wasn't at all sure if it was working. The sun came from over the viewer's right shoulder, sneaking through the clouds. It suddenly lit up the wave tops. Bri

Yes, a superb painting in all respects Brian, I can’t fault it!

Thank you very much, Alan, for the great comments. Much appreciated, I can tell you. My son said "Not that rock again" *smile* Bri

Recognised this as yours immediately Brian. The surf is so rich and exactly how it sometimes is. Marsden rock is not easy to paint as the mood of the area is so mercurial. You have captured a special moment perfectly Brian. Have attempted this scene many times but have always failed.

Funnily enough Brian, I was on the beach this morning, with my husband ( we walk there every day), and I thought of you and your sea paintings....and here you are! Lovely depiction of the sea, I can never tire of looking at it.

Thank you very much indeed, Carole and Marjorie, for the amazing comments. Always appreciated. The sea around the rock is forever changing, Carole, that much is true. One day it can be as calm as a mill pond, the next as wild as dragons. I'm so pleased the idea and image seemed right. Thanks for letting me know. It must be great to walk on the beach every day, Marjorie. I know how special that can be, especially as I spend most of my time inland these days. That was one of the reasons I started painting seascapes; to bring the sea to me and hang my favourite views on the wall. There's a few now, because like you, I never tire of taking in a sea view. *lol* Best to both Bri

Thanks for the comment, Dennis. Always appreciated.

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Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. This is a repainting of this much loved view of Marsden Rock. I took the photo from the terrace of the Marsden Grotto Inn, a favourite haunt of mine for coffee or beer (not fussy which). The white water was amazing so I tried to capture something of the mood and light. Wet in wet and wet on dry.

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