Raven Over the Honister Pass

Raven Over the  Honister Pass

Wow Brian, this is superb! This is a glorious painting, I love the light and the sky makes it such an atmospheric piece, simply Fabulous!!!

Stunning atmosphere Brian, a beauty.

Wow. Fantastic atmospheric painting, Brian. Terrific.

Amazing painting Brian, the light in the valley is spot on and love the touches of red. The sky... just fantastic. I love it, big thumbs up from me.

Terrific Brian, love the light patch in the centre of the painting your eye is immediately drawn to it 😀

Love this, Brian, very moody and atmospheric.

Fantastic moody painting.

Wow! Thank you very much indeed, Margaret, Alan, Seth, Rachel, Linda, Thalia and Dawn, for the amazing comments. I'm more than appreciative. I'm SO pleased the atmosphere came through, because it's one of those places that make you think as you drive or walk through the pass. The fells tower above you, giving the route an other-worldly feel. Absolutely delighted you liked this piece, because I'm rather fond of it myself. *smile* Best to all Brian

Fantastic atmospheric painting, just love it.

Thank you very much, Krzysztof and Sandra, for the kind comments. I'm pleased the drama and atmosphere came through. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciated. Brian

I love the 'Lakes' and will be going on my annual trip there in a few days and what you've captured on this canvas is the reason I go! The threat of a downpour at any minute and the stab of bright sunlight on the hills is just so typical, brilliant Brian.

Thank you very much, Russell, for a generous and very encouraging response to this piece. Appreciated. I was delighted to read that the scene was familiar to you, because it really helps. Thanks for mentioning it. This pass is one of my favourites, but as the great Alfred Wainwright once said, "It's all delectable country". Good to read about your annual trips to the Lakes because it's a region I know very well indeed, having climbed around the fells for best part of 35 years. I also lived in Kendal, my wife's home town, for a year or two, and still visit her relatives, to this day, on a regular basis. I love it when the mountains come into view from the M6 because they evoke wonderful memories of so many times. I hope your trip goes well and that the weather gods look favourably on your expectations. *lol*. Brian

There´s depth, there´s drama, there´s interest. What more could you wish for in a painting.

Wonderful and so dramatic Brian!

Thank you very much, Pat, for a very kind review. Appreciated. I've a couple of minor tweaks to make with the road and shadows, but nothing major. Just looked at your pastoral painting of the cows by the water and really enjoyed the scene. Brian

Thank you very much, Carole, for the kind comments. I'm delighted the drama was apparent and very pleased that you let me know. Much appreciated. Brian

I think it's all been said Brian -to me this is a fantastic reminder of some very pleasant days spent either climbing the fells or driving through. Of all the places I know there, Buttermere is my favourite lake (scenically) and the Honister pass a place not to be missed. Thank you for painting such a magnificent scene.

Thank you very much indeed, Carole, for the kind and generous comments. Appreciated. It was great to read of your experiences on the fells in and around Buttermere, where there's the most delightful of paths around the lake. You'll know it very well, I would think, because it's unmissable and lovely. I'm SO pleased that you were familiar with the scene. Thanks for letting me know. Brian

Lovely atmospheric painting Brian , looks like a big beautiful valley. Also thankyou very much for your comments on my Paintings, your comments are a work of art and through carefully and I very much appreciate them.

Thank you very much, Dennis, for the great comments. Appreciated. It's a funny thing but some places seem to generate an atmosphere all of their own and this valley is no exception. The real life experience is amazing, leaving you feeling quite insignificant. I know William Wordsworth once wrote about his overwhelming feelings over the shadows, light and magnitude of the fells, because in spite of his familiarity with the region, they cowed him occasionally. It's good to try and capture some of that spirit of the valleys and fells, with "try" being the operative word. *smile* It's always a pleasure to look at and comment about your paintings, Dennis, they are always so believable and especially interesting in the choice of subject. You invariably capture the mood and gentleness of a place, generating a peace and often serene atmosphere. A rare skill indeed. It would be difficult to pick a favourite. Brian

Beautiful, great sense of scale. Love it Brian.

I nearly missed this one, David. Thank you very much for the comments. Much appreciated. Brian

Thank you very much, Mawuko, for the kind comment. Appreciated. Brian

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 50 x 40 cms. The Honister Pass is in the Lake District, connecting Borowdale and the Buttermere Fells and Buttermere Village. It's a striking, almost majestic valley, that really captures the imagination. You will often see a lone raven soaring on the wind high above the fells, frequently rising right in front of you as you walk the tops. It's a superb sight. I've painted this to go with my Kirkstone Pass piece and intend to cover all the passes of the Lake District.

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