A Day at St Osyth

A Day at St Osyth

Bring in the boats. Lovely work Barry. (left hand boat just needs the prow raising a little maybe?)

Thanks Jim I thought you would like them, agree about the prow of the boat as that'swhat my eye is telling me but the photo says otherwise, probably needs a bit more contemplation!!

I do particularly like the white area's Barry, made some great reflections, superb piece.

Sometimes your eye can tell you better than a photo Barry. An excellent painting tho'.

Lovely painting of a super place.

Thank you Alan, Marjorie and Stephen all good useful feedback.

love this Barry and again another place I went on holidays me and my wife went away to east Anglia every 6 weeks for a weeks walking , we loved it there

This is Wonderful! I see no problem with the space between. Even working from photos, one can always make adjustments.

Fantastic work Barry, lovely water reflections

Thank you Dennis,Skylar and Petra, a lovely place to paint Dennis and point taken Skylar as I do often change compositions.

Lovely, like the boats and the colour used in this one Barry.

If you want to do this again leave out the boat on the left. However, I like it as it is too.

Thank you David, Maureen and Gudrun, if I do give it another go I’ll keep your suggestion in mind Gudrun.

Good work Barry and yes the LH vessel seems to be at odds somehow.

Great picture. Water is subtle and beautifully painted!

Thank you Derek and Dorota.

Love it , Barry. It is beautifully balanced.

Absolutely gorgeous and well worthy of promotion to the top row!

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Have been looking at this one for a while I painted it from a photo I took in the spring. My worry has always been about the composition as I feel the light between the boats and the landing stage compete for attention. I have played about with the image and decided this is my best option, I am very pleased with the reflections but think the left hand boat is painted badly. On Arches 95lb rough half imperial.

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