Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow

That's a lovely picture. Such good drawing beneath. Very nice

Beautiful clear crisp day Barry.

A fabulous image, Barry. One of your best. I admire your pen and wash work.

Thank you David, Carole and Lewis I do enjoy the drawing process and love using a sharpened matchstick and reed pens which give such a variety of marks.

Thank you Nancy I have been doing more ink and wash work recently and hopefully improving my technique all the time.

Wonderful painting and drawing Barry. I must try this sharpened matchstick that a few have mentioned recently! Very impressive.

Thank you Tessa, the matchstick is well worth a try but the sharpening is crucial. I have one side with a flat edge rather wedge like and another with more of a point this enables you you get a variety of marks without changing pens.

Great painting Barry but let’s not hurry away the impending summer eh.

Sorry Carole not intentional but on a positive note I have started to do more Plein Air painting as the weather improves which will hopefully provided some more summery scenes.

Wonderful Barry - another great painting.

It's a really nice scene and the colour is great lovely miix of mediums.

Very much look forward to viewing more of your exquisite paintings Barry.

It's a favourite medium for me also Barry, and this result is excellent. Good tonal balance.

Thank you Heather, Paul and Alan for your kind words and encouragement I can feel more ink and wash efforts coming soon. I will see what I can do Carole.

Is this the Langdale Pikes Barry? I always find using pen on the distance mountains does not help with recession whereas a simple watercolour wash would or quink ink which can be soften with water painting downwards to give the illusion of distance. The composition works well.

Wow! This is marvellous, Barry.

It is Malcolm but I didn’t mention it as I wasn’t as accurate as I would have liked. I agree with your comments and have actually done a smaller version in which I used a blueish watercolour wash for the peaks. In this one I wanted to try and get a bit more detail and get the best of both worlds but may have overdone it slightly. Hadn’t thought about Quink ink thanks for the suggestion.

Thank you Jennifer.

This is super, Barry. I always loved pen and wash. You've made it really work.

Beautifully fresh work Barry a lovely picture

Thank you Shirley and Dermot for your lovely comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

A half imperial ink and wash of an Autumn scene of the Lake District. Left the sky as white paper as I felt it helped to show off the peaks and give the painting a cool autumn feel.

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